IoT  based  Ai  Energy  Monitoring  Solution 

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Greeniee is an End-to-End energy monitoring and management AI-IOT analytical solution that provides real-time insight into a connected building's energy consumption. In addition to identifying waste points and lowering energy costs, it also aids in the predictive maintenance of electrical equipment, allowing them to avoid potential breakdowns and the high cost of repair or replacement. This has a significant impact on both business profitability and environmental sustainability.

Optimizing Energy 

Saving Money 

Sustainable development 

Energy conservation is a critical need. We help businesses to plan their energy strategy, reduce waste, perform predictive electrical equipment maintenance alerts, and reduce energy costs, all while contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

What does Greeniee do? 

Visibility on Energy usage on the go

Improving Bottom line by eliminating wastage of energy

Predictive maintenance of equipment

Sustainable development

Greeniee’s USP